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The following are some of the items I sell, to purchase add them to the cart and when finished click on ‘Checkout’ to go to the checkout page where you can add postage and make a payment using PayPal (contact me if you prefer bank transfer).
I can also offer parts through to complete systems, please email me for details.

Any questions please contact me before purchase.

Fully built controller

Built and tested controller, just needs an easily available 24v 3-6A supply with a 5.5 x 2.5mm plug.

Note that outside of the UK I can only post these “tracked” so please add a tracked option for postage.

  • Diecast case 222mm x 146mm x 55mm
  • Integrated 5.6A DM556 digital stepper driver
  • Supplied with 2m cable for connection to stepper motor
  • Opto isolated connection for 2nd driver (software selectable)
  • Latest firmware


Divider Module

Ready built divider module supplied with latest firmware.

Will work with most 4×4 matrix keypads or with the keypad I supply below.

Requires a 12-32v supply (usually the same supply as you use for the stepper driver).

  • Wide voltage supply range 12-32v (can be extended with a zener)
  • Low current 10-30mA
  • Ready to fit to your choice of case.
  • Simple screw terminal connection – just 3 wires to stepper driver
  • Latest firmware



Ready built keypad, plugs straight into module above.

For a professional looking controller can be used with the overlay below.

  • 4×4 matrix
  • Mechanical keys for positive feel
  • Plugs directly into divider module



Professionally produced overlay with embossed buttons as used on the “fully built controller”.

Comes with a drilling template.

Can be cut to size down to a minimum of 100mm x 160mm.

  • 250 micron polycarbonate
  • A5 size (148mm x 210mm, can be cut down to aprox 100 x 160)
  • High grip 3M self adhesive backing
  • Embossed buttons.
  • Clear window for LCD
  • Supplied with drilling template


Programmed PIC

Pre-programmed PIC18f4620 with latest firmware.

Can be used with a DIY build or as an update for an existing controller.
Plug in replacement for all previous versions (18F4520, 18F452)

  • Latest firmware
  • Direct replacement for all previous versions


Printed Circuit Board

Unpopulated PCB for home builds.

  • 1.6mm double sided
  • Screen printed on component side
  • Mounting holes match 20×4 HD44780 LCD